I hear from people all the time that they barely get any engagement on Facebook (“engagement” meaning likes, clicks, comments, shares, views.)

But the truth is, it’s all a numbers game. And in my opinion, not enough solopreneurs take a deep look at their numbers.

Of course, if you have 100 followers and only get a couple likes here and there, that makes sense. You don’t have enough people seeing your content.

The amount of engagement you get on your Facebook posts does not exist in a vacuum. You have to consider how many people actually saw the post and your follower count. Only then can you really judge whether you got “good” engagement or “bad” engagement.

It varies from industry to industry but here’s what I found in my research for general benchmarks.

Charli Day considers anything over 1% to be a good engagement rate when you compare number of engagements on a post to your follower count. (source)

According to this website, they also consider over 1% to be a good engagement rate (for number of engagements to page follower count.)

Michael Leander also says that over 1% is a good engagement rate (for number of engagements to page follower count.) (source)

If you are getting a like or comment (or other types of engagement) once in a while, take a look at your follower count. Does it make sense? It likely does.

The next question is, “How do I increase engagement?” This is something everyone should be wondering, even if you get 1% or more engagement.

I have a great resource for you about this exact thing: the Create Engaging Social Media Posts Checklist. Use this checklist every time you create a post and over time, you’ll see your engagement improve.


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