Wouldn’t it be awesome if your content just EXPLODED with more views and comments than you’ve ever gotten before? What’s cool is that anybody has the potential to create viral content. It’s not as hard as you would think. 

This episode features Jamie Nudelman, a viral content expert. He’s sharing with us how to create content with the potential to go viral, what to do when it goes viral, and how to leverage the experience so you can make it happen again!

About Jamie Nudelman

Jamie Nudelman is a Viral Video Creator and Lifestyle Hacker. He helps Health & Wellness Influencers Reach and Impact More People with their message using Viral Videos.

Jamie has worked with Influencer brands such as Kinobody, UMZU, Shawn Wells and has edited videos for Inner Light Media that have reached more than 4 million + views.

Jamie believes that in order to make a mainstream impact, you need to get known, seen and heard. That’s why he co-founded viralcontenttempaltes.com with his partner which sells products and services that help entrepreneurs grow their social media through viral content.

These days he and his partner Katya are currently residing in Malta and planning to host an event in 2020 to bring creators of impact together.

Connect with Jamie

Website: www.jamienudelman.com
Instagram: @jamienudelman
Facebook: www.facebook.com/trainer.jamie

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