Extroverts and introverts behave and communicate differently. The success of your online marketing depends on whether your strategy honors your natural energy and communication style. Unfortunately, many of the top strategies being taught by industry experts are extroverted strategies which don’t work for introverted people.

Veronica Pullen helps introverted coaches generate leads on Facebook without having to act like an extrovert. In this episode, she shows us the difference between introverted and extroverted social media marketing, how to recognize your instinctive communication style, and how to leverage it to build an audience of raving fans.


[4:28] The difference between introverts and extroverts and how they behave online 

[10:41] What extrovert marketing teaches vs what Veronica teaches (introvert marketing) 

[11:04] The introvert marketing strategy 

[13:48] Optimizing your Facebook profile 

[16:56] What to do if you don’t want to post at all

About Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen, AKA The Mile-Deep (Facebook) Marketing Queen helps introvert coaches and experts attract dream paying clients into their online programs and services through Facebook – without having to act like an extrovert or pay for ads.

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