The success of your online marketing depends on the quality of your audience. But audiences aren’t created out of thin air. You need to do the work and very strategically, too. This episode is amazing for entrepreneurs who want to grow a community of people they care about but don’t have a lot of money or resources.

Katya Varbanova, a viral marketing expert, shares how she grew her audience organically from nothing with very limited resources and how you can do the same. She also shares how you can build and leverage relationships with not only the people who are following you but also influencers in your industry and complementary industries.

About Katya Varbanova

Katya Varbanova is a viral video creator and marketing strategist who helps entrepreneurs go beyond creating personal brands to achieve icon status in their industry. As the founder of 20K Nation, she teaches clients to generate at least $20k a month with only 20 hours of work a week. Her signature approach involves aligning her clients’ Myers-Briggs personality type with their approach to marketing. Katya has worked with more than 1,300 clients, enabling many to be featured in TEDx Talks, secure book deals and sell $100k packages.

She has spoken on stages across the world, reached more than 100K followers through her social media channels and appeared in publications and podcasts, including Entrepreneur and the Smartest Guys in Marketing. Before starting her business, Katya worked in brand management and sales for nearly a decade, handling accounts for Santander, Hewlett Packard and Superdry. These days she and her partner are accidental nomads who travel the globe in search of their dream home.

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