These three truths are ones you need to hear if you are feeling overwhelmed, stuck in perfectionism, constantly comparing yourself to others and feeling down, and simply not taking action.

Open your mind and heart. Understand these truths and take them with you when you strategize, create content, and engage with your audience. Only then will you feel in alignment with what you are doing online, feel at peace, and create the success and the results you want.

Be Willing to Take Messy Action

When you learned how to walk, were you able to walk absolutely perfectly without shaking or stumbling or falling?

I realize that’s a bit of a loaded question because the answer is obvious: of course not.

Basically the only thing you were born being perfect at was reflexive bodily functions (and even then, a lot of babies struggle with basic functions!)

Everything else you’ve learned through doing. Yes, you may have had education or mentorship. But you were not perfect.

You will not be perfect in your online marketing.

If you wait to be perfect before beginning, you will never start.

If you are only patient with yourself when you are perfect, you will be impatient and miserable always.

The only way to kick ass online is by DOING. You won’t be perfect. You will make mistakes. And the amazing part is that you will learn from your mistakes and GROW and get even closer to being perfect (even though perfection is impossible.)

It’s smart to do research and strategize before beginning. But don’t get stuck in a never-ending loop of preparation. That’s a form of resistance that will keep you stuck.

The beauty of the internet is that anyone can create a presence to get in front of their target market. There’s a very low barrier of entry. Social media channels are (mostly) free. You only need $10/mo for a website. You can build an email list for free.

All you need is to take action!

And messy action is the best action. Play with it and try different things out. You may stumble upon something genius that you never would have thought would be a wild success. Or maybe what you try is a flop but at least now you know that that won’t work.
I promise people won’t be judging you. And those who do judge you aren’t your target market anyway.

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The Comparison Game Will Keep You Playing Small

One of the best ways to learn anything is by observing what others are doing. That’s one of my favorite ways to keep up with trends in online marketing. I have a few online business owners that I follow that specialize in marketing that I like to learn from and also some business owners who aren’t in online marketing who have really engaged and loyal followers who are converting.

This is how a lot of solopreneurs learn: by observing.

The problem with observing is it’s really easy to start comparing yourself to the other person. That’s just how humans are. We compare ourselves to others.

Unfortunately, the comparison game will keep you playing small. You get trapped in very unproductive ways of thinking:

“Why does she get so many comments and I don’t?”

“I’ll never have $10k months like he does.”

“Sure I have 1,000 followers but she is doing the exact same thing as me and has 100,000!”

You will start feeling bad about yourself. You won’t feel empowered to take big bold action. Sometimes, you won’t take any action at all.

You must realize that every human and every business is incredibly unique. We all have our own experiences, ways of being, tools, and so much more that create different outcomes. That person may be making more money than you but maybe they’ve been in business longer. Or maybe the person who is getting more engagement is spending money on ads while you are not.

They are in a different place than you are.

Furthermore, you’re on the outside looking in. You’re not seeing the big picture. You are seeing the result on the outside but you have no idea what is actually going on in their business. Maybe they’re deeply in debt, or they’re engaging in unethical business practices, or they are working 15 hour days and crying themselves to sleep at night.

You are not omniscient. You don’t know everything.

There is no right or wrong. You are okay. You are doing okay.

You can look to see what people are doing that is successful and see what you like and don’t like. It’s totally fine to learn that way. But don’t compare yourself and focus more on keeping your eyes on your own paper.

Be Realistic

I see a lot of entrepreneurs get really frustrated with their results online which is totally understandable! However, a lot of times, it’s because they had unrealistic expectations.

If you are doing your own online marketing, you really must be realistic about what time, money, and resources you have. You are only one person who is juggling several things in business. You may not get explosive results online simply because you don’t have the bandwidth to do all the things.

Yes, you may see others getting certain results that you want for yourself but you never know what their situation is and what resources they have.

Also, the specific result you’re expecting to get may be almost impossible. You can’t get a 100% engagement rate on social media! That’s almost impossible. Before setting your goals, be sure that they’re realistic by doing your research.

The internet is full of amazing tools that we can use to create opportunities for ourselves in business. But even it’s easy to create a page or sign up for a new tool, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to continue. Have these truths in mind next time you approach your online marketing. You may see yourself take actions you wouldn’t have taken before which could lead to results you didn’t know you could get!

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