Many entrepreneurs use tactics in their online marketing and business growth that are considered “short term” tactics. These are tactics that may work initially but are not sustainable. As your target market and business evolve, you’ll need to pivot and change what you’re doing. This creates more work for you in the future which is obviously less than ideal because it’s unproductive and inefficient. This is a great conversation that explains the connection between marketing and sales. Reuben Dreiger is a purpose-driven business coach who has grown his business to over 6 figures and has helped over 400 entrepreneurs successfully transition to the online space. In this episode, Reuben Dreiger introduces us to The Loop Method; his system to grow your audience of ideal clients and convert them into paying clients that is sustainable and proven to have long term success. We also dive into ways some entrepreneurs sabotage themselves and how you can keep from becoming a big roadblock in your business.


[4:32] What is “value?” What does it mean to “give value?” [11:02] An intro to the Loop Method [14:25] Step 1: Understand and find your ideal client [16:20] Metrics to pay attention to [18:30] Step 2: Get your ideal client to take small steps with you [20:42] Step 3: Build relationships with qualified leads [25:53] Why you should give away all of your information for free [29:22] Step 4: The sales process [36:12] The Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman [41:21] First action you should take after listening to this episode

About Reuben Driedger

Reuben Driedger is a successful online business coach. He began his entrepreneurial career as an online fitness coach. After growing his business to over six figures, he began to remark on the increasing number of people asking, “How did you do it?” He then decided to make the transition to business coaching. In the last four years, Reuben has helped over 400 entrepreneurs move their businesses online.

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