When one thinks of social media marketing, they mostly think about content strategy: what to post, when to post it, how to post it, strategies to grow and engage your audience, etc. But something a lot of entrepreneurs don’t even think about is the power of one-on-one connection through social media. There is a lot of magic to be created in your inbox.

In this episode, Shana Browne shares her genius around direct message (DM) strategy. You will learn the different ways you can grow your brand with DMs and how to build real relationships.

But there’s a delicate art and science to it. It can very easily and quickly go south. That’s why you need to be very intentional and strategic about doing it in a way that is likely to be well-received by the person on the other end and in a way that it feels good to everyone. Shana teaches us how to do exactly that!

About Shana Browne

Shana Browne is the founder & CEO of Magnolia Heart Creative. Being around Shana, you’ll quickly realize that she’s passionate about supporting businesses and professionals to help build stronger communities with her God-given talents.

Whether it’s 1:1, consulting with teams, or speaking at events, Shana’s goal to empower you. Life is about balance, being true to yourself, giving your best, and supporting one another. So, you’ll relate to Shana and her drive to empower anyone she comes in contact with.

Working with Shana also means that you’ll get a lot done and have a WHOLE lot of fun doing it. Let’s be real! So, come prepared to smile, laugh, and learn. 😃

Outside of her 10+ years of digital marketing experience, you’ll find Shana traveling the US and abroad, eating really yummy food, working as a youth director at her local church, and just spending quality time with friends and family.

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