In 2018, Facebook announced they’re not going to show Pages in our newsfeeds as much anymore. Many entrepreneurs have noticed their Page reach decreasing dramatically. So naturally, you may be wondering if it’s worth it to continue marketing on Facebook.

The answer is yes! We should continue because Facebook is not dead. All that’s changed are best practices. What worked years ago won’t work today.

In this episode, Ed Troxell shares why he believes all entrepreneurs should have an active business page, what it takes to be effective with Facebook marketing in 2020, and how to increase your organic reach.

About Ed Troxell

Ed Troxell makes digital marketing easy for small businesses. Ed is one of those entrepreneurs, best known for breaking the technology down for non-techies so that they can easily run their business online. Ed is the Founder of Ed Troxell Creative, a digital marketing studio, Producer of the Yes to Entrepreneurship podcast, and Creator of Yes to Entrepreneurship, helping business owners easily market online. He also sits on the board of directors for the North Bay Professional Marketing Group.

Ed is a serial entrepreneur who brings a unique skill set to the table – he’s a teacher, speaker, consultant, digital marketer, techie, and podcaster who helps business owners be more creative and easily build their online empires. Discover more at

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