Everywhere you turn, there’s a training on how to use Facebook ads to get more Likes and to get more leads. But whatever about using Facebook ads to refine your message?

In this episode with Eric Sharpe, founder of Digital Envy, we talk about how you can leverage Facebook ads to create a message that speaks directly to your target market. Eric also shares some tips for entrepreneurs who aren’t Facebook Ads experts who want to get started doing their own ads.

Links Mentioned

Facebook Business Manager: www.business.facebook.com

About Eric Sharpe

Oh jeeze. The life and times of Eric Sharpe…Serial Entrepreneur, STEAM Educator, father, works from home and travels the world with his family. Techy nerd with an art school degree, Eric combines his passion for teaching technology as he decrypts the message behind some of today’s most incredible emerging technology.

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Check out the Digital Domination Toolkit: www.Dominate.digital

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Email: eric@digitalenvy.co

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Website: www.digitalenvy.co

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