It’s so easy to start an online business now which is a good thing and a not-so-great thing. It’s amazing that so many talented and passionate people can impact more people on their terms. But that also means some markets are incredibly saturated.

That doesn’t mean you should give up! The question is: what should you do to stand out in a saturated market and attract your ideal client like a magnet?

Jessica Rodriguez is a multiple six-figure business owner who teaches coaches and consultants how to expand beyond a 1:1 business model to create more profit and impact in their business all while spending less hours in their business. She is in an incredibly saturated market and has learned exactly what you need to do to stand out to your perfect clients. In this episode, she teaches us how.

About Jessica Rodriguez

As the Founder of Freedom Driven Success, Jessica Rodriguez has an unapologetic mission to help purpose-driven businesses expand beyond a 1:1 reliant business model with scalable offers that allow them to amplify their impact and profit, all while working less hours in the process.

Not one to shy away from sharing the whole kit and caboodle, Jessica’s Freedom Driven Success podcast (available on iTunes and Stitcher) is jam-packed with straightforward strategies, behind-the-scenes insights, and powerful conversations about what it really takes to run a business that serves you first.

Jessica’s Gift

Scale Beyond 1:1 Roadmap: Learn how to leverage and amplify your 1:1 impact with offers that sell and serve on autopilot

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