Not enough people on social media consider how to really connect with them. Social media isn’t like traditional advertising where you’re just speaking at the masses. With social media, you’re speaking WITH them. It’s social. When you treat your audience like a community and speak to them that way, they’ll become bigger fans and you’ll attract more people.

Stacey Nachajski is an Instagram expert who is sharing her best strategies to better engage with your audience. If Instagram isn’t a platform you are focusing on, I still highly recommend listening to this episode because the theories can be applied to all of your online marketing.


[9:23] Strategy 1: Hashtags, how to find them, and how to use them

[16:27] Strategy 2: Engage with other accounts

[17:34] It’s not a bad thing to remind people to look at your account

[21:32] Advice for people who are nervous or fearful about engaging with other accounts

[27:12] Strategy 3: Using Stories, IGTV, and Highlights

[32:15] Asking for engagement

[35:40] The first action the listeners should take after listening to this episode

About Stacey Nachajski

Stacey Nachajski is a Social Media Mentor, Strategist and Speaker. She helps entrepreneurs leverage the opportunities of social media to increase visibility, sales and impact.

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