Every business with a strong online presence is strong in their content marketing. Content marketing can be time consuming but with the right systems and strategy, you can create more content in less time than it would take for someone without systems and strategy.

You’ve probably seen a lot of different systems for doing your content marketing. Everyone has their own system because every person is different in how they work. 

Crystal Statskey, my project manager who helps with Envivo’s content marketing, has a system that I know will streamline your content creation process. It’s not complicated and is pretty universal which means you can easily add it to your own system to increase your efficiency. If you like repurposing content, then you’ll like this episode because we discuss that as well!

About Crystal Statskey

Crystal Statskey is an OBM and Launch Strategist running her business remotely while blogging and traveling the world. She helps overwhelmed entrepreneurs streamline their launch and automate sales so they can reach a wider audience, grow their impact, and fast track big results.

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