Wonder how top influencers are able to post every day without fail? Two words: content library. If you want to consistently publish quality content on your social media, your blog, or anywhere else, you must get organized.

In this episode, Jennifer Wegman of Insight Information Solutions shares with us the power of content libraries: 6 types of content every strong content library should have, how to create and manage one, and how to repurpose content so it’s fresh and useful each time you publish it.

About Jennifer Wegman

Jennifer Brown Wegman is the founder of Insight Information Solutions, LLC where she leverages her research and data analysis background to create unique done-for-you social media content libraries for entrepreneurs and small business owners who know they need a presence on social media, but don’t have the time, knowledge, or desire to create and maintain consistent content on their profiles themselves. Jennifer also offers social media content consultations, full-service social media management, and social media workshops and courses.

Jennifer’s Gift

Grab her social media content planner on her website at www.insightinfosolutions.com.

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