If you are a creator, you probably have experienced or will experience Creator’s Block. You really want to serve your audience and build your brand but you are drawing a blank. You have no idea what to talk about.

However, I know for a fact you DO know what to talk about. You just need to overcome Creator’s Block which is pretty easy to do. As someone who has drawn a blank many times, I have a system I use to put me in a creative space that also keeps my content organized so I’m working as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

In this episode, I share what that system is and how you can make it your own! This system is especially useful for those who have ever been stuck with content creation, dislike content creation, or struggle with consistency.


[1:18] The story that inspired this episode

[4:27] The two parts to this episode

[5:04] Themes and categories, values and beliefs, and your ideal client

[9:55] The 4-part system to organize and manage your content

[10:38] Your brain dump document

[13:09] Your content library

That video above is exactly what I experienced recently.

Recently, I sat down to create a social media post but I was stumped on what to write about.

…even though I’ve been in business for many years and have been doing this work for even longer than that.

…even though I eat, sleep, and breathe online marketing.

…even though I literally had a call with a prospect earlier that day!

I was drawing a blank!

Then I remembered my system. I went through it, got my creative juices flowing, and overcame Creator’s Block.

To get my mind in the space of creativity, I reviewed:

  • the themes and topics my brand addresses
  • my brand’s beliefs and values
  • my ideal clients’ fears, struggles, limiting beliefs, and aspirations

Then, I went through my content system in Google Drive which consists of four pieces:

  • a doc where I dump content ideas as they come to me
  • a spreadsheet where I store rough drafts
  • a spreadsheet where I store completed conten
  • and a spreadsheet where I store already-published content.

As I was going through all that, one thing stood out to me: my ideal client’s major struggle with knowing what to talk about.

I couldn’t type fast enough to get that post out of my head and into a doc!

Guess which post that ended up being? 😉

It even turned into a podcast episode. I go more into my system and how to create your own in this week’s episode Unforgettable Online Marketing. Listen to this episode!

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