Content creation is not as easy as putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard.) We will come across roadblocks like not knowing what to talk about, not having enough time, lack of engagement, etc. Content marketing is not as simple as we would like it to be which means not everyone is a great success. But you can be successful!

In this episode, I share what it means to be a successful content marketer, 6 habits content creators need to be successful, and some tips and tricks on how to implement these habits.

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A successful content creator must be clear on what their main goal is with their content. Is it to engage their current audience without much of a focus on growth? Maybe it’s that they want to grow their audience. Maybe they want to improve their online credibility.

The content marketing efforts of a successful content creators should be moving them to that goal. If your goal is to engage your audience but you’re not creating engaging content, then you’re not moving towards that goal.

This may go without saying but I’m going to say it anyway. Your content should be relevant to their industry. Of course, you can post “off topic” things. That can actually be relevant. For personal brands like coaches and consultants (yes, you are personal brands!), posting things about your life that is not immediately relevant to your area of expertise can actually still be relevant.

For example, one of my goals is to build a relationship with my audience. I want you to see me as a human you can connect with so occasionally, I’ll share about parts of my life that aren’t relevant to online marketing, like my pets. But the bulk of my online presence has to do with online marketing because ultimately, I want you to know me as an online marketer.

Last but not least, successful content engages the audience it was meant for. You are creating content for your people.

Successful content marketing is about relationship building. If they aren’t engaging with you, you’re not building a relationship.

The Habits

Get into the habit of seeing content inspiration in anything you do.

Content inspiration is all around you. If you have conversations about your industry every day, there are ideas for content all around you. Listen to what people are interested about and asking about. More specifically, pay attention to what your past clients, current clients, prospects, and anyone who fits your ideal client avatar is saying. If they are interested in these topics, then logically speaking, they should be interested when you talk about those topics.

Also experiences that are seemingly unrelated can be made relevant. Here’s an example. I teach piano to a handful of students locally. They experience struggles that are universal. I can tell the story of how one 10 year-old student struggled to finish learning a piece because of mindset issues that can relate to entrepreneurs who struggle to create content because of the same core mindset issue.

Brain dump your ideas in an organized way

Whenever you have an idea, write it down. Not only write it down, but write it down in the same spot every time. If it ends up all over the place in multiple notes in different apps, it will get lost. Trust me, it’s happened to me.

Personally, I have a running Google Doc. Whenever I have an idea, I pull that doc up on my phone and write the idea down. Some people use the notepad on their phone or Evernote. Don’t take too long to pick a tool and make it fancy. You just need one place to put your ideas.

When you sit down to create content, you won’t be struggling to come up with content ideas. All you have to do is pull up that document, pick a topic, and start creating.

Have a system and stick to it

I know a lot of people reading this are creatives and intuitives and they would much rather go with the flow. To be successful at using content marketing to grow your audience, you need to be consistently putting out quality content.

You can still work with your flow. When you get a hit of inspiration, create as much as you can and bank it. Also, you can create that state of flow whenever you want. Find a practice that brings you to that space of creativity.

Your system should have processes for creating, publishing, and analyzing.

  1. Decide when and where you will create your content.
  2. Decide when and where you will publish your content.
  3. Decide when you will take the time to look at the data consistently.

It’s that simple. There is an endless amount of systems out there to do this. Many marketers teach their systems. Just pick one and go with it. Don’t spend time hopping from system to system because it will drive you crazy and slow you down. Trust me; I know from experience.

There are two really great episodes on the Unforgettable Online Marketing podcast that I recommend you listen to. The first is episode #4 with Jennifer Wegman: Create More Quality Content in Less Time Using Content Libraries. The second is the one that comes out next week: episode #18 with Crystal Statskey: Using Themes & Categories to Streamline Your Content Creation Process. Both of these episodes cover really good systems for content creation and organization.

Create content every day

This tip is inspired by one of the greatest content creators of our time: Jerry Seinfeld. Even if his style of humor doesn’t appeal to you, it’s still true that he and the show he co-created appeals to millions of people.

A young comedian once asked him what tips would he give to new comedians?

The young comedian says, “[Jerry] said the way to be a better comic was to create better jokes and the way to create better jokes was to write every day.”

I love this tip for so many reasons.

I want to stress that not every piece of content that you create needs to be publishable. Just be in the habit of creating something every day and that will keep you in the game of content marketing.

By creating every day, you’re building that muscle of consistency. Creating content every day will keep your creative juices flowing so over time, it will get easier and easier. And most importantly, you will become a better content creator.

Not everything you create will be awesome. Some of it will not see the light of day. But content creation is a muscle and to become stronger, you have to work that muscle consistently.

Be willing to be imperfect

One of the biggest things that could paralyze you in content creation is the desire for it to be perfect. I see it all the time.

Perfection doesn’t exist.

Especially with something subjective as content creation. Something that may seem perfect to one person may be terribly imperfect to another.

Furthermore, if you obsess over perfection with your content, you’re much more likely to never publish it. Which means you’re not publishing content! Be willing to be imperfect because everything you’ll ever publish will be imperfect.

Plus, there will be lots to learn from all the imperfect content you’re putting out there.

Yes, quality is important. Work hard on making sure it’s high quality and something your audience will benefit from. But don’t obsess over perfection to the point where it’s taking way too much time and to the point where you’ll never even push “Post.”

Pay attention to the audience and how they behave

You could be publishing the worst content ever. Or the best content ever. But the only way to know that is to pay attention! With everything you put out there, pay attention to your audience and how they behave.

Pay close attention to the data. What I mean is to be consistently looking at how your content is performing. I recommend at least once a week. There are lots of different metrics you can look and it all depends on the type of content and the platform it’s published on.

If looking at the data is overwhelming, just look at a handful of metrics. I recommend that at the very least, look at how many people saw it and how they engaged with it.

There are many ways to engage so to keep it simple for now, look at the number of likes/reactions, comments, and shares. See how your content performs over time.

There’s a lot to consider when working towards being the best content creator you can be. Just take it one step at a time. I suggest beginning with creating something every day. It can be as simple as a single social media post or something more complex like a 10-minute video. Exercise that muscle. Be willing to be imperfect.


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