“What should I be doing to market my business online?” I hear this question SO much. I believe that all business owners should be doing some sort of content marketing. What type of content marketing you should do depends on the business. Tune into this episode to learn the 4 different questions to ask yourself to determine what content format is right for you.

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If you were to look at content marketing at a very basic level, there are two types of content marketing: content you create once and you are done (like lead magnets, a course, etc.) and content that you create on a recurring basis (like social media posts, blog posts, etc.)

This article will address the latter: content you create on a recurring basis.

The three most popular forms of content is written content, audio, and video. If you’re a super rockstar, you can do all three! But if you don’t want to create all three types of content, you are probably wondering which you should put your focus on. To determine which type of content you should make on a weekly basis, you need to consider four things: what your ideal client enjoys consuming, what is commonly done in your industry, what you enjoy making, and what you are good at making.

What type of content does your ideal client enjoy consuming?

The point of content creation is to provide value for the person consuming it. In this case, that would be your ideal client. You want as many people in your target audience as possible to consume your content so if it’s in a format that they like, they’re more likely to read, listen to, or watch it.

So the question is: what type of content do they enjoy consuming?

When we’re doing target market research for our clients at Envivo, we do a few things. First, we consider our client’s target market and their lifestyle.

For example, consider an audience of busy parents. They have school-aged kids who may have extracurricular activities they engage in so they are constantly driving from place to place. They also work and need to keep up the house. Some of them may be single parents. Needless to say, they are very busy.

Do they have the time or desire to sit and read an entire blog post? It may be easier for them to consume content on-the-go. Audio would be the format to consider. Video might work, too, because they can listen to it or watch it while multitasking.

The next thing we do is some industry research.

We look for credible brands with large, engaged followings in our client’s industry with a similar target market. We study what type of content they are producing that their audience is engaging with. Are there a lot of blogs on the subject matter? Podcasts? Videos on YouTube?

If successful and credible brands with engaged followings are mostly creating content in a specific format, then that’s likely a format that would work for your audience.

What type of content do you enjoy making?

Here’s the truth: if we don’t like doing something, it’s harder to do it and it’s unlikely that we’ll be consistent with it. And I’m sure you know that consistency is key to basically everything in business. So if you decide you’ll publish a new video once a week but you loathe being on camera, then it’ll be really hard for you to be consistent.

On the other hand, if you have excellent discipline and are consistent with it but are not enjoying it, then that’s not a good feeling. Either switch gears and create content you enjoy making or outsource the content creation.

Here’s what we do for our clients who have blogging as part of their marketing strategy but don’t like to write: we have them basically word-vomit what they want to get across in the post. Sometimes it’ll be a list of bullet points. Then they send it to us and we massage it, write it out, and publish it. Boom!

What type of content are you good at making?

We aren’t making content for the sake of creating content. We’re creating content for it to be consumed and to make a difference with the person consuming it. Quality matters. So it’s important to consider your own talents.

It’s possible that you may really enjoy create a certain type of content but not be that great at it. In that case, I say this is a great time for you to become a student and commit to becoming better at creating whatever type of content that is.

If you don’t have the time or desire to get better at it, then either try a different type of content or outsource it. It’s as simple as that.

I hope this article helps you make the big decision of what type of recurring content to create. Remember: you don’t need to have all the answers. Just start and refine your strategy along the way. The most important thing is to take action.

If you have published content already (blogs, social media, lead magnets, etc.), I’d love to see what you have created! Share a link to your content in the comments.