Social media presences, even super active ones, can go stale. 

By “stale,” I mean things have gotten boring. Your engagement may have gone down or plateaued. You and/or your audience is just tired of the same-old same-old. It happens to many people and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. 

But hope is not lost. In this post, I share 5 simple ways you can shake up your social media presence.

If you haven’t been posting on social media consistently, then you don’t have anything to shake up! Your presence is stale in a different way. It’s inactive. Your next step is to create a social media strategy and post consistently. Don’t make it complicated. Pick one platform and decide what type of content you’ll post every day.

Boost a high performing post

As you know, social media channels don’t show your posts to every single person who follows you. “Boosting” a post is when you pay money to force the social media channel to show your post to more people. And not just ANY people. You get to select exactly the demographics and psychographics of the type of people you want to see your post.

What posts should you boost? Boost one that’s already doing really well (meaning it’s gotten a lot of the type of engagement you want compared to how many people saw it.) The logic there is if it’s already doing well, then it will still perform well if more people see it, right?

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to boost the post. Start out with $5/day for 5 days to see what kind of engagement you get.

You may see that your average engagement and reach will increase after boosting this post. See, social media channels only show your content to people who have proven they like your content by engaging with it. If they don’t engage, they won’t see your posts.

When you boost your post, more of your followers will see it. If they see it and engage, the social media channel may show more of your organic posts to them in the future. Pay attention to your analytics over time and see how they change.

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Do a week-long series

Essentially, this is a special “event” on your page. It’s a break from business-as-usual.
What you do is pick a theme and over the course of a week, post a piece of content every day that is relevant to the theme Your post can be text or video. I usually suggest video because video gets great engagement.

Since a special week-long series is like an “event,” people are excited about something that’s special and they have a new reason to visit you. It might give you a boost in the algorithm because people will be engaging more than usual.

One of our clients is a consultant who works with kids with social challenges. We are currently strategizing a week-long series with her which hasn’t been announced to the public yet. Here’s an example of what she COULD do (this isn’t the actual challenge we’re going to do.)

Her topic for the week could be how to create a sense of belonging in the classroom. Each day, she can go on Facebook Live and share one tip to create that sense of belonging in the classroom.

Super easy!

It doesn’t have to be fancy. Keep it simple. The purpose is to bring something new to your audience.

Pitching something at the end would be good but not necessary. It can be as simple as signing up for a free call or a freebie you already have up.

Even if you don’t pitch anything, you’re still bringing something new to the audience.

Interview someone

Collaborating with another expert is a great way to bring fresh ideas to your audience.

Online interviews happen in a lot of different contexts, like podcasts, virtual summits, webinars, etc. But for the purposes of shaking up your social media presence, you don’t need your interview to be as formal as those platforms are. Keep it simple.

First, consider topics your ideal client is interested in that is relevant to what you talk about. It can be directly or indirectly related. For example, I’m an online marketing strategist. On my podcast, I interview other online marketing strategists with specific specialties, like messaging, Facebook ads, video marketing, etc. Occasionally in the Unforgettable Entrepreneurs Society, I will interview experts in business which is related to what I specialize in but isn’t exactly online marketing.

Once you’ve got your topics, think about experts you already know who cover those topics. You can absolutely interview and collaborate with experts you don’t know but for the purposes of keeping things simple, pitch to those who are a good fit and already know, like, and trust you.

Then you pitch the idea to them! The interview can be in any format: text, pre-recorded video, livestream, etc. After they accept, decide on when, where, and how you’ll do it and what the exact topic will be.

And finally, promote! Promote the interview before it’s published, during, and after. Ask the person you are interviewing to promote the interview as well. This serves as a way to elevate them in a new audience (they’re being featured on someone else’s platform!) and you get the opportunity to get in front of a warm audience that doesn’t know you yet.

Create content in a way you haven’t before

This is a really simple idea. Mix up the format of the content you create! This will definitely refresh your page. Here are some examples:

  • Don’t usually do videos? Create and publish a video.
  • Don’t live stream? Then livestream.
  • Do you regularly do video? Then do a series of videos.
  • Do a joint livestream with someone.
  • Create a behind-the-scenes post.
  • Share testimonials or case studies.

If there’s a content format you have done before but it was a long time ago, revisiting it will still be refreshing for your audience.

Engage with other people more

Social media is about relationships. SOCIAL media. You should be interacting with your audience and other communities.

Let’s begin with your own audience. When someone comments on a post of yours, always “react” to it (heart, like, etc) AND also comment on it. Let them hear your voice. And when you comment, comment something meaningful. You don’t need to get too deep or spend minutes upon minutes (or hours or days) coming up with something. Instead of posting just emojis or one or two words, post something meaningful.

For example, if the post is about morning routines, you could comment, “I love having a solid morning routine! Part of my routine every morning is to journal.”

It’s meaningful but not super deep so it was quick and easy to come up with.

If you’re not already, start commenting on other people’s posts. On Instagram and Twitter, surf hashtags and comment on the top posts. Go so far as to respond to other comments. Engage with people! You can also do this on posts that use those hashtags that aren’t necessarily top posts.

Hashtags aren’t used the same way on Facebook. So on Facebook, comment on profiles, pages, and groups.

Like I said, it’s not the end of the world if your social media presence goes stale. All you need to do is try something new to refresh your page for yourself and for your audience. You will see renewed engagement and reach!